This year we introduced a new reading challenge for our Y6 children called the ‘100 Book Reading Scheme’. New books were purchased including classics, new modern writers and a wide range of biographical writing and non-fiction books. Children and parents were invited to join  a Class Dojo social media site to share books and reviews and to store points for reading. Each book was worth ten points, books by the same author another five points and pupil own choice books two points.

This reading challenge has been a huge success, comments from children included:

“I didn’t used to read a lot, but I soon realised that a couple of chapters a night helped me to relax before bed.”

“I would easily give up if I thought a book was boring, I have read a huge range of books I would never have touched if they were in the library or in a shop. I love it!”

“I can’t believe I read so many books!”

“It gave me loads of ideas for writing at school: I found loads of new words, characters and picked up on punctuation!”

An overall winner, the person who read the most books, received a twenty pound book voucher for Waterstones, the three top readers from each class who had read the most books also received a ten pound book token and a child from each class who showed enormous effort also received a ten pound book voucher.

Both the staff and the children have really enjoyed this scheme and look forward to rolling it forward with our next Y6 group.