Hello everyone, it’s Mrs Cunningham here again.

Can you guess what these are:
– These are some of nature’s beautiful treasures.
– They are colourful.
– They brighten up our classrooms and homes.
– Many of them have a wonderful fragrance.
– People like to give them on birthdays, anniversaries and St Valentine’s Day.

Yes, flowers! It is a really busy time for people who grow flowers as they need watering so often at the minute. I bet some of you have wonderful flowers in your garden or in pots. I know sunflowers are very popular. Yesterday, my dad gave me a pot of Sweet Peas that he has been growing for me. Sweet Peas are lovely and smell so good…….nothing like peas!!!! Yuk!!

There are colours galore in the garden today,
The scent of the flowers brings the bees out to play.
There are flowers that cling and climb up the wall,
Daisies so tiny and sunflowers so tall.
There are flowers we pick to show that we care;
These are the treasures we all have to share.

By Jan Edmunds

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Mrs Cunningham