Good morning everyone, it’s Mrs Cunningham here again.

Can you remember what you were doing on 4th September 2012? Well, our Y6 can, as it was their first day at nursery. Nearly 8 years ago! This week we are saying ‘Goodbye’ to Y6 as they prepare for the next part of their educational adventure.There is not another stage in education which we invest so many years in. Not another stage in education where we see many changes in the children we teach. Not another stage in education where the pupils are treated as part of a family.

You have all been amazing throughout your time at Mortimer. A true inspiration and a credit to your parents. As a headteacher, it is so rewarding when I hear positive comments from visitors into school or from people who you have met during school trips. All of whom comment on your exemplary behaviour and your mature attitude. To say I am proud of you all is an understatement.
To my Y6 mams and dads who have been part of this journey. A huge “Thank you” for lending me your fabulous children and entrusting us with them.They are an absolute testament to you.

I think that the epitome of a Mortimer pupil is one who is kind, polite, hard working and resilient. One who represents the school in such a positive way and one who gives that little bit more at all times. So a special “Well done and Thank you” to all of the monitors who have added to the smooth running of the school. My House Captains and Vice House Captains who have worked so well to keep the family spirit and competitive edge to Key Stage 2. To all of you who have represented the school whether it be through sports, music, maths or STEM.

This year has been so strange and so surreal. Something has happened that we never ever thought would happen. The last pandemic was in 1918. None of us thought we would ever go through the same again in this modern day age. You have shown such resilience so much strength and such a caring attitude in these past few scary ‘lockdown’ weeks. Hopefully, you have come through stronger, with more resilience and with added empathy. We must look to find the good from this.

You have a bright future ahead of you and I know that you will all grow into confident, kind and gracious adults. We like to think that we have given you wings at Mortimer, and now it’s your time to fly…and you will!

Good luck in everything you do. I have no doubt you will all be superstars.

Much love,

from the ever so proud Mrs Cunningham