Hello everyone, it’s Mrs Cunningham here again.

It’s Friday and nearly the weekend….and the weather looks like it will be nice! Can I set you a little challenge for the weekend? 10 things to do…… the tricky bit is proving it!!
1. Sing a song
2. Give and get a cuddle
3. Tell a joke
4. Find a leaf
5. Find 5 red things
6. Learn to say your name backwards
7. Do 5 star jumps
8. Pull a funny face
9. Put a hat, scarf and gloves on
10. Smile
Write it down, or draw pictures, draw 10 boxes and tick when you’ve done it, maybe take pictures, or post it on our social media or keep the evidence until you see me and you can then hand it to me. Be creative. I’ll be doing them too!
Have a wonderful weekend
Mrs Cunningham