Hello everyone, it’s Mrs Cunningham here again.

You have made me laugh with your cardboard box dens. So Funny.

I hope you and your mams and dads and all your relatives are well, and maybe you have had a chance to meet up with them. My mam and dad are a bit old, so I am still just waving through the window at them. Louise and Rachel are missing their nana and granda too. Today I will let l you into a little secret. My girls call their granda ‘George’, they always have. His proper name IS George, but when they were little they would hear their nana saying…”George do this, George, have you done that?,” so many times that the name just stuck. So with my girls it’s ‘nana and George’.
I bet you have some funny names for your grandparents too!! Let me know.

Have a wondrous Wednesday.

Mrs Cunningham