22.3.20 19:45
Dear all,
I hope everyone is safe and well. Thank you for working with us at this difficult and worrying time.
Senior leaders have continued to communicate throughout the weekend and will begin the week early tomorrow to further cement plans to support our pupils and families.
Please see the key information points from my earlier update regarding using the Mortimer childcare.
Please continue to look after each other and stay safe.
Key information for next week
Application/Contact Form
All parents wishing to access the limited child care must complete the online form or a paper based version on the first day that they need access to the school. Current guidance is that only one parent needs to be a key worker to access this service. https://forms.gle/AodjDN4NVH21m3767
Monday – Friday
The school will be open at 8:50 until 3:30pm each day.
To avoid all parents and children arriving at once, we will allow a staggered opening from 8:50 until 9:30 via the main entrance.
Children can be collected from 2:45 until 3:30pm, again via the main entrance.
Can we ask that you exercise social distancing, as defined by the government, when entering and exiting the building. As the first day may be busy we will plan to help ease this.
Accessing each day
We will post a Facebook event for each day of next week and ask that you confirm your attendance for each day so we are aware of numbers. Please can you help us by confirming your attendance by 5pm the day before or as early as possible.
Employment evidence
On the first day of using the service we will need to see evidence of your employment as indicated on your form. Examples could be: staff badge, payslip or a letter from your employer. Please read the government advice carefully and we encourage you to speak to your employer to ensure you are a key worker.
It is essential that we see this evidence.
Flexible access
Some parents, may be unsure of their needs day to day. We will do our very best to accommodate this. Levels of priority may need to be adhered to regarding which families require the care most. We may also be limited by the numbers we are allowed to safely have on school premises. Original figures were 20% of the school and we continue to reference this figure whilst further guidance is sought.
Parents MUST sign their child in and out of school each day. The yard will not be open for children to enter. All children must enter the school via the main entrance with their parent.
Children will not be allowed access to mobile technology during the day as per normal school procedures.
Please continue to order and pay for lunches via Parent Pay. The kitchen staff will endeavour to meet the requests but please prepare children that their preferred option may not be available.
School uniform
We ask that children come dressed in school uniform, whilst attending.
Bright Kids
Wrap around care is available from 7:30am till opening of school and till 6pm after school. This is a paid facility. Any enquiries should be directed to janine@thecommunitynetwork.co.uk
Thank you for your continued support and I hope this update is comprehensive and clear.