Hi everyone! I hope you are all safe and well.

Please see below links to our social media, and brand new YouTube channel where I will be posting regular PE skill challenges, as well as some follow along workouts and various other videos.

This is something that I am new to, so please be kind and accept that I’m not a pro at camera work or editing just yet!

There will be content that will help yourselves and school staff with ideas for PE (those that are open now and everyone once we return to the norm)! Plus ideas for parents to engage their kids at home, with very little equipment or space required.

Today’s challenge was a progression of throwing and catching drills, and the previous video was a series of basic jumping actions.

We’re also trying to engage our regular participants and social media followers, by offering a free prize for those that upload their progressions to our challenges with hashtag =  #s2fsportschallange

Thanks for your ongoing support and I hope you all find this useful


Instagram @s2fsports

YouTube “Start 2 Finish Sports”