Wednesday Performance Update:

As mentioned in our last letter, due to England’s game on Wednesday night we are adjusting the performance to 4:45pm.

To make things easier for parents we are suggesting that the children bring a packed tea and their costume and remain in school until the start of the show.

Any child without an adult at the performance should be collected at 6:15pm.

We realise these are rather unusual circumstances and greatly appreciate your support in making sure we have maximum attendance for our final show.

If you still need tickets for Wednesday’s performance, please collect them tomorrow so that we can give out any spares on Wednesday.

Costume information

As you will know from the newsletter, our Y5/6 children will be presenting a musical version of the story of The Wizard of Oz as their end of year show.  There will be two performances – Monday 9th July and Wednesday 11th July, both starting at 6.30 pm.  In the event that the England team will play on 11th, then the Wednesday show would be a 4:45pm start.  More details would follow.

All children will be offered two tickets priced £1.00 each.  These can be issued as either two for the same performance or one for each performance.  Tickets will be on sale from next week.  Please send money in an envelope to your child’s class teacher, not the school office.

Please mark the envelope which night(s) you would like the tickets for and if you would like any extras.  We will keep a list of requests for extra tickets and only issue them once all allocated tickets have been sold. Only send money for the allocated tickets.  Do not send money yet for the extra tickets.

Please note that we respectfully ask that the children attend BOTH performances as, I am sure you realise, the success of the show depends on the high level of attendance.  For past productions, we have always found that clubs and groups are very helpful releasing children from attending as a one off, once they know it is for a school commitment.  We would be very grateful if you could try to ensure your children are with us on both evenings.

Our Y5/6 children have a very important role to play as the chorus of ‘Munchkins’ and we would like to invite them to dress in ‘Munchkin attire’ for the two performances.  We do not expect parents to buy new clothes for the show; this is a perfect opportunity to upcycle old clothes.

We have discussed ideas with the children at school but here are a few examples:

  • Tailored shorts or ‘cut off’ old school trousers with or without braces (any colour)
  • Stripey leggings or stripey knee high socks
  • Black plimsolls, black boots or black shoes
  • Round neck t shirt, checked shirts or blouses for girls with or without puff sleeves
  • Girls may wish to wear circle skirts with or without a pinny over the top (maybe recycled from Beamish outfit)
  • Net tutus with braces attached ad a t shirt or blouse
  • Bright colours, stripey patterns, flower accessories will all fit in well with the theme
  • Please remember the hall will be very warm so dress accordingly.

These are only suggestions and not a necessity.

Have fun designing your costume.  We do not want this to be extra work or extra cost to parents!!

Extra Information

Friday Dress Rehearsal:

We have a dress rehearsal on Friday and would like all children in the choir to be wearing their Munchkin outfit please. Can they bring it to school in a bag and they will bring it home with them on the same day!

Show days: 

As it stands both shows will be starting at 6:30pm, unless England win on Saturday and then the Wednesday show time will change. Children will bring a letter home on Monday if there is a change in time! 

Can all cast children return to school at 6:00pm on show nights so they have time to be dressed in their costume.

All children who are part of the main choir need to return to school for 6:10pm dressed in their outfit.

All children must be picked up by an adult, no child can walk home on their own. If you are not watching the performance, children will be ready to collect at 8:00pm.