Staff try extremely hard to identify the owners of items and return them to the child’s classroom. Any lost property is collected in the year group where it is believed to have come from.

Any item which does not have a name in or where the owner can not be identified is placed in centrally stored lost property areas.

When an item is found that can not be identified, such as coats with no name or cardigans/jumpers, they are taken from class to class in the area they are found to try and find their owners.

Often, items which have been found such as stray packed lunch boxes, cardigans, coats, rogue PE kits are all displayed and students have the opportunity to search through to see if they belong to them.

All lost property is displayed on open days such as parents evening for parents to inspect.

At the end of the summer term, after we have checked all found items as closely as we can and tried to return the item to its owner, we take any unidentifiable jumpers and cardigans to a local charity. We do not do this mid-year and we try everything we can first to return the item to its owner. 

We encourage parents to talk to staff and come in to check lost property areas when they notice an item is missing. 

Mortimer Primary is a very large school, please label all clothing, shoes, packed lunch boxes, coats etc so that we can en-devour to try and ensure their safe return should they become parted from the owner.