Hello everyone, it’s Mrs Cunningham here. Well, this is your first day of being at school in your own house, with your parents as your teachers! How funny is that?

I am going to miss you all today. I will be singing our whole school assembly song at 10.10am, the time we should be singing it all together. Why don’t you sing it to your mams and dads at the same time….. “We’re in it together today”.

Now remember that your parents are your teachers. They might ask you to put your hand up to answer a question. Can you imagine if you have to ask to go to the toilet! They might even ask you to call them Mr or Mrs! I think this is going to be very funny and I’m looking forward to hearing some of your stories when you are back.

Your teachers have all set you work which they are looking forward to seeing. I know I can trust you all to work really hard and do your school work when your parents tell you to. If you don’t, they all know my phone number.

Don’t forget our school ethos:

Do your best and work with all your effort, as doing your best is more important than being the best.

Do something kind every day, as kind people are the best kind of people.

Be polite and always use your manners. Please and thank you are magic words

Have a lovely Monday.

Mrs Cunningham