8.9.20 Updates

A few things to keep you informed of…
Flu Vaccination
Flu nasal vaccine forms are coming home today from school, if parents want their child vaccinated they must complete the form, there is also an option if they would rather not have them vaccinated. Forms must be returned to to school by FRIDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER.
Coloured T-Shirts for PE
Mrs Stelling will update regarding house colour T-Shirts for PE later this week. As Parent Pay won’t allow payments we are working on a different system to allow orders and payment.
Parent Pay
Lunches need to be ordered by 10pm on Wednesday for the following week.
Cookery Club/Money
Cookery is suspended due to the current situation. We will keep you informed if this changes.
Milk Money
Monies should be paid via Parent Pay by Monday 14th September. This is for the term.
Birthday treats
Unfortunately, we are unable to share out cake or treats sent in for birthdays at the present time.
Thank you