5.4.20 Update Contents: Easter Childcare, Lunches, Additional Pupil Work and Letters to the Children

Dear all,


As we hit what would have been the Easter holidays, we remain id this new way of working. We will be open for child care for those key workers who need it. We will be one of the few schools, in South Tyneside, open over the Bank Holidays.

Good Friday – we will be open from 10am – 2pm. Please supply your own packed lunch.

Easter Monday – we will be open from 10am – 2pm. Please supply your own packed lunch.


There will be a new sign in sheet for the whole week in the main entrance. Please just initial under each day when you sign your child in and out.

There will be no Facebook event. If you are unsure or suddenly need to use the childcare, please just turn up on the day. Feel free to drop me a message the day before so I can update the team for that day.

Google Classrooms won’t be manned by staff over the Easter two weeks. We are asking them to focus on their own families and health during this time. I will continue to check into the Facebook page and to my messages but not as frequently. Thank you for supporting this.


For children using the child care in the next two weeks, please keep Parent Pay topped up if you plan to take a school packed lunch. You are more than welcome to bring your own.

Free School Meals – packed lunches being collected will continue for now. The office is working on the voucher scheme which should start after Easter. You will be contacted directly about this.

Additional Pupil Work

Staff will release extra work after these two weeks (if still closed). Most will find this on Google Classroom whilst Key Stage 1 will have new work posted out. Please continue to exercise your own judgement to support your child academically and for their mental wellbeing.

Letters to the Children

As some of the pupils don’t have access to their class teacher, letters will be posted to the Facebook page and school website across next week. Where staff have access they may respond to any comments left, else any comments will be passed to the teacher by other means. We hope this helps continue relationships and support your children.

Stay safe!