21.5.20 Update Phase One Plan Letter

Good morning,
For your information this is a copy of the letter sent to parents with children in years Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. Phase One applies only to these children.
The letter details our plans for the possibility of reopening.
Each letter was personalised and stated the day that each child was offered to return in Phase One. See the red writing at the bottom of the page or page 3 depending on your letter.
We continue to work behind the scenes with the local authority and our governing body to ensure risk assessments are full and comprehensive.
We recognise that there will still be many questions and concerns. We will continue to communicate as best we can.
If you have questions, please comment below and we will provide answers wherever possible.
Thanks in advance


  • We still do not have an opening date for Phase One. Please do not send children prior to our notice of when it will start.
  • There will be families who have some children in priority year groups whilst their other children are not. We can only take the priority children (unless key workers).
  • Key worker families will be accommodated as per the last 9 weeks and will continue to enter via the main entrance.