20.3.20 15:20 Update
Dear all, this the new form you must complete if you wish to access the child care provision at Mortimer Primary school. The first form was merely to gauge numbers; this one confirms your application for childcare. Please ensure you have read the 13:10 update before filling in this form.

This form will remain open, as I recognise some parents will not need to access our support straight away, but may need to at a later date.
We need the form completing before accessing the first session of child care. The easiest way to do this is via our electronic form but we will make provision for form to be completed in school.

Evidence – in exceptional circumstances where the parent is not bringing the child to school and is unable to send any form of evidence of being a key worker with the adult – evidence (photo/scans etc) can be sent to office@mortimerprimary.co.uk Please use this as the last resort, questions and quires will not be answered via this means of communication.

The Facebook events to allow you to confirm your child(ren)s attendance will be live soon. Please help us by confirming your attendance by 5pm the night before.

I will be on and off Facebook over the weekend if you need help. Please ask other parents to join Facebook and our group, to stay up to date (even just for this situation).

Thank you

New form