1.7.20 Update of pupil places

Dear all,
thanks for your help in signing up for the different routes of care. It has been a little tricky to place everyone but we are nearly there.
Tomorrow (Thursday 2nd)
Texts will be sent to:

Priority Years

    • Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 parents.
    • Your text will list which group your child is in for the final two weeks (just next week for year 6).
    • For most this will be the same as you have accessed.
    • New returners will be placed where possible.
  • Start and finish times may change and we will explain these this week.

Phase Three Return

  • Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 parents.
  • Your text will list which group your child is in for your two days.
  • Group 1 is Monday & Tuesday. Group 2 is Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Years 3 and 5 wb 6th July only
  • Years 2 and 4 wb 13th July only
  • We have tried to keep siblings (who are in priority years) on similar days but this may not always have been possible.
  • Children have been grouped by their teacher and in friendship groups.
  • Details of uniform, start and finish times etc will be shared this week.

Key workers

  • Please assume that your request has been accepted and your child can attend the key workers provision for the days needed.
  • If you need to confirm your days then speak to me when dropping off or picking up.
  • You won’t receive a text as the take up is so varied.
  • We will have to tweak our system slightly for the last two weeks with so many more pupils in and we will let you know these this week.
Thanks for your support. I appreciate that things are difficult to follow but we will soon be sorted for the final two weeks in school.